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  • About me... I have worked in radio for 20 years now but started out as a volunteer.  I did everything from making presenters' coffee to donning a big teddy bear costume (it was my local radio station's mascot).  I used to even rope friends into doing it too although they used to wonder why they were sweltering in this big furry outfit?  They had no intention of getting into radio....I had some really good friends.  
  • Where were you born?  I was born in the town of Kirkcaldy in Fife famous for linoleum, Adam Smith and Craig Logan (the dark haired one that joined Bros).
  • Where do you live now?  I live and love Belfast. It is a city that has completely got under my skin.  I think if you chose to live in a city then you surely must love it. I even cried a little when I had to move back to Scotland a couple of years ago.
  • Any brothers or sisters/family in general?  I have 2 brothers which I am very proud of.  My wee brother was the youngest ever pilot to fly for British Airways at 19.  He couldn't hire a car but he could fly you on your holidays.  Madness.  My big brother is a scientist but gave up working in labs to producing stuff for the BBC.  It's mad because when I go to meet him for lunch I always feel like I should be meeting him in the building across from the Beeb in Glasgow....the Science Centre.
  • Favourite food?  Probably black olives.  I could eat them like sweeties as a kid and a pizza without them is just sacrilege in my book.
  • Any hobbies?  Probably gigs - I started going to gigs at the age of 13.  My first gig was Jason Donovan and I can remember him coming on stage on a skateboard and my little teenage eyes lighting up.  I have also got into Clubbercise of late.  It's a great way of exercising complete with glowsticks. 
  • Favourite band or singer?  It would be Take That and Oasis purely because I've loved them the longest.  I got into Take That as a teenybopper.  It actually makes me appreciate the age I am because any older or younger I would have had Westlife or Boyzone and well I prefer Take That.  My room was covered in posters as a kid.  I even wrote away to a problem page because my Mum wouldn't let me put my posters on the roof of my bedroom/Take That shrine.  
  • Country you would love to visit?  I would love to visit family in Algeria in North Africa.  That's where my Dad's family is and my Gran is still alive and kicking although because we don't speak the same language when I am with her I have to use all this non verbal communication so lots of nodding and smiling going on and maybe a thumbs up when she bakes those cakes I like!
  • Favourite phrase or saying?  I like "better to regret something you have done than something you haven't".  I love taking risks in life and coming out of my comfort zone and just seeing where it takes me.  If things don't work out at least you'll know you have tried it!

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